About Me

Hey There,

Here is a little bit of information about myself:

I am a curious person who is trying to figure life out. I am also generally positive and happy, with many funny, sad, serious or scary stories that I want to share. Having worked in hotels around the world I left the industry to follow my dream and study acting.

Now here I am, one of many unemployed actors. I still do not regret any of my decisions, except I wished I would have been braver before.

I also love writing. Never really knowing what to write about that would be interesting, because everything appeared to be to bland, I decided to start a blog and just practice.

I like to observe and ask questions in general.

This blog is supposed to be a personal reflection and story telling platform as well as a playground and laboratory for my writing. I am honestly thankful for feedback, so please go on and tell me your thoughts.

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